Roll Ups are on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 2.15 pm (unless there is a club fixture) during the lawn bowling season (mid-April to September). No formal uniform is needed but flat soled shoes are required. Members £2.50 and non members £5.00 (Refreshments will be included.)

Inter Club Fixtures 2021

All Matches played are Triples 

Sunday01/05/2022HBredonWhites4/5 X2.30 pm
Sunday08/05/2022HCommunityWhites4/5 X2.30 pm
Thursday12/05/2022ADroitwich SpaGreys3 L2.30 pm
Saturday14/05/2022AHewellWhites5 X2.30 pm
Sunday15/05/2022HWorcs CoWhites5 X2.30 pm
Tuesday17/05/2022HManor ParkWhites3/4 L2.30 pm
Saturday21/05/2022AWollescoteWhites4/5 X2.30 pm
Sunday22/05/2022HStourportWhites4/5 X2.30 pm
Tuesday24/05/2022HVictoriaGreys4/5 X2.30 pm
Saturday28/05/2022HBig Bowls WeekendCasual5 X11.00 am
Saturday28/05/2022ABromyardWhites4 X2.30 pm
Sunday29/05/2022HJubilee EventCasual5 X2.00 pm
Sunday05/06/2022HDroitwich SpaWhites4/5 X2.30 pm
Thursday09/06/2022AManor ParkGreys4/5 X6.15 pm
Saturday11/06/2021HBromyardWhites4 X2.30 pm
Friday17/05/2022AEveshamGreys4/5 X2.30 pm
Tuesday21/06/2022AVictoriaGreys3 L2.30pm
Saturday25/06/2022HLedburyWhites5 X2.30 pm
Sunday26/06/2022AWorcs CoWhites5/6 X2.30 pm
Tuesday05/07/2022HPershoreGreys5 X2.30 pm
Tuesday12/07/2022AManor ParkWhites3/4 L2.30 pm
Saturday16/07/2022AOverburyWhites4/5 X2.30 pm
Sunday17/07/2022ALedburyWhites5 X2.30 pm
Thursday21/07/2022AGrosvenorGreys4/5 X2.30 pm
Saturday23/07/2022HInkberrowWhites4/5 X2.30 pm
Tuesday26/07/2022AVictoriaGreys4 X2.30 pm
Thursday04/08/2022ABredonGreys3 L2.30 pm
Tuesday09/08/2022HVictoriaGreys3 L2.30 pm
Thursday11/08/2022AWorcs CoGreys3 L2.30 pm
Saturday13/08/2022ACommunityWhites5 X2.30 pm
Thursday18/08/2022HManor ParkGreys4/5 X6.15 pm
Sunday21/08/2022AEastnorWhites5 X2.30 pm
Friday26/08/2022HEveshamGreys4/5 X2.30 pm
Thursday08/09/2022HBredonGreys3 L2.30 pm
Monday06/09/2022HWorcs LadiesGreys3 L2.30 pm
Saturday08/09/2022HWollescoteWhites4/5 X2.30 pm
X = Mixed
L = Ladies