Short mat bowls

Short Mat Layout

Short Mat bowling is similar to out door lawn bowls in that the aim is to get as close to the white jack as possible. Although the distance to the jack is a lot shorter than outside (the mat is only 46 foot long) the challenge is to negotiate around a block which is positioned in the middle of the mat!

We can provide bowls for you to use and we just ask that you wear flat soled shoes.

​Short mat is available Tuesday through to Fridays 10 – 12 noon, 2 – 4 pm
There is a Short mat diary in the clubhouse to book your slots.
Membership until September 2019 is £20 plus £2 every session.
Short mat bowling has proved to be a very popular pastime with the number of members growing each year.
For fun, friendship and gentle exercise come and join in.
For more information eMail or use the form on the Contact Us page

2017/2018 Competition Results
Singles – Wayne Braddock
Doubles – Gail Davis and David Mowlem
​Triples – Gail Davis, David Mowlem and Daniel Mead