Prize Giving 2018

The President thanked members and several past members for attending the‘end of season’ prize giving Lunch. He was pleased with the way that the increased club membership had been integrated into the club matches during the season and thanked Roy Barber (Club Captain) and Lorna Rodway (Ladies Captain) for the way that this had been achieved. He gave praise to both Roger Davies (Treasurer/Rep on the Worcestershire Bowling Association Committee) and Di Maingot (Fixture Secretary) as ambassadors of the Club, to the Club’s Committee for the direction that the Club is taking, and to members who have helped with the running and general maintenance of the club.

After the lunch Roy (Club Captain) and Lorna (Ladies Captain) reflected on the bowling successes that took place during the season, and on how the club coped with the difficult challenges of the unprecedented weather conditions over the summer period.

The silverware prizes were then presented to the winners and runners–up of the Club’s bowling competitions.

Ladies PairsWinners Carol Thomas & Lorna Rodway
Runners-up Sophia Buxton & Di Maingot
Mens PairsWinners Terry Barrett & Phil Bunyan
Runners-up Daniel Meade & Bill Moran
Best of 3Winner Lorna Rodway
Runner-up Wayne Braddock
50 UpWinner Phil Bunyan
Runner-up Lorna Rodway
Captain’s TrophyLadies Trophy Janice Davies
Mens trophy Terry Barrett
Ladies ChampionWinner Lorna Rodway
Runner-up Jean Endall
Mens ChampionWinner Wayne Braddock
Runner-up Brian Davis

Three awards were presented this year against the criteria of; ‘Commitment during the year on the improvements and well–being of the Club –

To Brian Palmer – a bottle of single malt whisky, as a token of the Club’s gratitude for ensuring that the
Green and support facilities were available to support match fixtures during the most difficult weather conditions seen for many years. His dedication to this, wit the support of several club members, required a generous commitment of his time.
To Jackie Oakey – a bouquet of flowers, as a big ‘thank you’ from the Club for organising various money raising social events, introducing new ideas for the future, and for keeping club members informed of events through a monthly newsletter. In addition, her initiative to raise funds from outside agencies, and her involvement in recruitment drives has been a huge benefit to the club.
To Gail Davis – a bouquet of flowers, as a ‘thank you’ from the Club for the day-to-day housekeeping activities that are so easily taken for granted, but which are essential for the smooth running of the club.

The appearance of the clubhouse and the way it is presented has earned praise from different quarters – not least from several visiting bowling teams over the season.

Brian Palmer said a few words of thanks to those who had helped him throughout the season.